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Why should I choose Toyota Kenya ?

Genuine Parts

The manufacturer of original parts
Original parts were submitted to thousands of hours of research and control of hundreds of patents and crash testing to ensure the quality of the vehicle and driver safety. By entrusting the maintenance of your Toyota by Toyota Kenya , you are sure to buy original spare parts, providing driving performance and maximum safety.
Genuine Parts from Toyota Kenya are made to the same high-quality standards as your vehicle and are designed specifically for your model. Toyota Kenya maintains a comprehensive parts stock of 13,000 line items and assures its customers of the highest parts availability in the market for all our brands.
Occupying approx. 3,715m2 our Central Parts Depot is the first parts warehouse in Africa to run on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) to manage our stock levels. The warehouse is supported and replenished from a regional base in South Africa which holds genuine parts from Japan, thereby cutting down lead items for daily and weekly restocking.
To protect your car and your family from the risks of counterfeit parts, always buy your Genuine Parts from an authorized Toyota Kenya dealer.

Toyota Genuine Motor Oils

You can prolong the life of your Toyota and increase its performance by insisting on Toyota Genuine Motor Oil – the lifeblood of your engine – at your next service. Toyota Genuine Motor Oil is customized according to your model and formulated to the highest standards and specifications to keep your vehicle in tip-top condition.

Well-equipped workshops
Toyota Kenya workshops are equipped with all the equipment for the maintenance of your vehicle. Our diagnostic tools are efficient and modern.

Toyota Motor Corporation trained staff with the latest technology
The technical development of vehicles requires well-trained staff to ensure customer service quality.

That's why Toyota Kenya technicians regularly receive specialized training through the Toyota Kenya Academy

While You Wait Service

We understand that you can’t be without your car for very long and that is why we have introduced the “While U Wait” service program. With our state of the art workshop and reliable Toyota trained technicians, we will service your car promptly as you enjoy a complimentary cup of coffee in our comfortable customer lounge.

This service offers a quality service and a free checkup of key elements the of your vehicle very quicky.

Choose from up to 30 certified service centres across Kenya

Early Bird Service

Our Early Bird Service allows you to bring your vehicle in to be serviced in the morning as early as 6.30 am at our Uhuru Highway service center. Your car is serviced as you wait in the comfort of our customer lounge, watch International news, read the paper and have a morning cup of coffee.

Body Shop

At Toyota, we want to ensure that in the unfortunate event of an accident, no matter the size of the damage, your vehicle will be restored to its original state by a Toyota Certified Technician using only Toyota Genuine parts, repair technics and tools.
Let us take away the stress and hassle that fixing your damaged vehicle can bring. We have a wealth of experience in all aspects of vehicle body repair and paintwork. We work with many fleet operators and insurance companies and pride ourselves on giving top quality repair and service to our customers

Warranty Conditions


Products sold in the Toyota Kenya network benefit fully fromToyota warranty given by the manufacturer.

All the conditions of the warranty period are detailed in the warranty booklet and maintenance provided to each customer during delivery of the vehicle in Toyota Kenya dealerships.
Your new vehicle is covered * 3 years / 100 000 km, whichever comes first.


All parts benefit 1 year when fitted in approved workshops.

* Confirm warranty conditions in dealerships / terms and conditions apply

Maintenances Packages

Maintenance Package

Covers all service and repairs for the car as stipulated by the manufacturer, this includes wear & tear items like brakes, clutch, suspension, tyres & batteries.
Mileage and period are negotiated and can be up to 5 years or 200,000 km.
A dedicated Account Executive is also on hand to offer operational support.

Service Plan

Covers all parts and labour costs for the regular lube servicing of your car as stipulated by the manufacturer, up to 1 year or 25,000 km whichever comes first.
Drive into any of our Toyota service centres across the country and don’t forget the vehicle book of life to claim this free service plan.
The packages enables you to control the maintenance budget for your vehicle through a professional and competitive service.
You benefit from our expertise in compliance with manufacturer's maintenance recommendations, using original parts.


1 Drain and refill engine oil

2 Replace oil filter

3 Check and clean air cleaner element

4 Check and clean pollen filter*

5 Check gearbox oil - top-up if necessary

6 Check differential oil - top-up if necessary

7 Check battery electrolyte level and top-up if necessary

8 Check brake and clutch fluid levels and top up if necessary

9 Clean and lubricate battery terminals

10 Check condition of tyres including spare tyre and adjust pressures

11 Check operation of all lights

12 Check operation of all windows, view mirrors and central locking

13 Check operation of electrical switches,blower fan, air conditioning and audio

14 Check operation of instrument cluster and cigarette lighter

15 Check operation and lubricate all door locks and hinges

16 Check operation of all wipers, windscreen washer and horn

17 Fill windscreen washer bottle

18 Check condition of radiator hoses and V belts

19 Check operation of all seat slides and adjusters.

20 Remove wheels and check condition of brakes

21 Check suspension for damage and leaks.

22 Check and drain water from the fuel filter sedimenter*

23 Defect report


24 Drain and refill engine oil

25 Replace oil filter

26 Replace fuel filter*

27 Replace spark plugs*

28 Replace air cleaner element

29 Drain and refill gearbox and differential oils.*

30 Check battery level and top-up if necessary

31 Check brake and clutch fluid levels

32 Clean battery terminals

33 Check condition of tyres including spare tyre and adjust pressures

34 Check operation of headlights, parking lights, indicators, hazards and all lights

35 Check operation of all windows, view mirrors and central locking

36 Check operation of blower fan, air conditioning, audio

37 Check operation of instrument cluster and cigarette lighter

38 Check operation and lubricate all door locks and hinges

39 Check operation of all wipers, windscreen washer and horn

40 Fill windscreen washer bottle

41 Check operation of all seat slides and adjusters.

42 Check condition of all hoses and V belts

43 Inspect for oils and brake fluid leaks

44 Check steering and CV dust covers for damage or leaks

45 Check,clean and adjust all brakes including removal of drums and disc pads

46 Adjust brake and clutch pedals freeplay and pedal gap

47 Check suspension for damage and leaks.

48 Check and top-up steering fluid if necessary

49 Inspect wheel bearing, grease and adjust if necessary

50 Check and drain water from the fuel filter sedimenter

51 Check fuel system for leaks

52 Check exhaust system

53 Road test vehicle*

54 Steam clean engine


55 Supply injector nozzle cleaner (gasoline engines)

56 Drain and refill brake fluid if necessary*

57 Drain and refill power steering fluid if necessary

58 Replace wheel bearing grease

59 Check condition of tyres including spare tyre, adjust pressures and rotate tyres

60 Check diagnostic trouble code

61 Check and adjust wheel alignment

62 check and focus headlights

63 Road test vehicle

Recall Campaign

To access our recall campaign please click on the button below :



Check if your vehicle is part of the recall campaign by searching by VIN*

*Where can I find my VIN number?

Your vehicle's VIN number appears on your vehicle's registration papers.

You will see a 17-character long number with numbers and letters: this is the VIN number.

This code is also present at least in two locations on your vehicle:

§ The windshield, bottom left

§ The manufacturer plate: it can be marked cold, engraved or punched on the engine. Sometimes it is printed on a label, itself attached to the engine.

§ Inside the car: at different locations, such as the floor or trunk

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